Third Community Workshop on the Ground-Based O/IR System Building a Strategic Plan for Instrumenting Large Telescopes

November 15-November 17, 2006

Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale, AZ


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

 5:00-7:00PM  Welcome Reception (Courtyard Pool — western half of resort property)


Thursday, November 16, 2006

 7:30-8:30 AM  Breakfast (Terraza)
 8:30AM-Noon  Plenary Session (Grand Ballroom E & F)
 8:30 AM  Introduction to the system, plan for the workshop by Todd Boroson
 Third System Workshop: A Strategic Plan for Instrumentation (01)
 9:00 AM  Science Talk 1
 Searching for the Origins of Stars, Planets, and Life
 presented by Michael Meyer, Univ. of Arizona (02)
 9:50 AM  Break
 10:00 AM  Science Talk 2
 Galaxy Evolution
 presented by Mark Dickinson, NOAO (03)
 10:50 AM  Break
 11:00 AM  Science Talk 3
 Time Domain Exploration
 presented by Andrew Gould, Ohio State Univ. (04)
 Noon  Lunch (Terraza)
 1:30 PM-4:30 PM  Plenary Session (Grand Ballroom E & F)
 1:30 PM  The Hobby-Eberly Telescope 2006 and Beyond
 presented by David Lambert, HET & McDonald (05)
 1:45 PM  Apache Point Observatory
 presented by Suzanne Hawley, ARC 3.5m telescope (06)
 2:00 PM  NOAO and Gemini Instruments
 presented by David Sprayberry, NOAO & Gemini (07)
 2:15 PM  Present and Future Instrumentation at Magellan Telescopes
 presented by Alan Dressler, Magellan (08)
 2:30 PM  Instrumentation Capabilities and Recent Projects
 presented by Klaus Hodapp, IfA/IRTF (09)
 2:45 PM  Steward Observatory
 presented by Rodger Thompson, Steward Observatory (10)
 3:00 PM  Break
 3:30 PM  WIYN’s Role in the US System of Telescopes
 presented by George Jacoby, WIYN Observatory (11)
 3:45 PM  W.M. Keck Observatory and the Ground-Based O/IR System
 presented by Taft Armandroff Keck (12)
 4:00 PM  Discovery Channel Telescope
 presented by Tom Bida, Discovery Channel Telescope (13)
 4:15 PM  Funding for Adaptive Optics in the US: a key element of any “System”
 presented by Jay Frogel (14)
 4:30 PM  Instruction to Breakout groups
 4:45 PM-5:30PM  Breakout Groups initial meeting
 Groups meet in: (will assign at meeting)
 Lodge Boardroom
 JD’s Terrace
 Grande Ballroom E
 La Vinca
 Arizona Room
 Las Palmas C
 5:30 PM  Adjourn
 7:00 PM  Dinner (La Valencia A)



Friday, November 17, 2006

 7:30-8:30 AM  Breakfast (Terraza)
 8:30 AM  Breakout Groups meet (same rooms)
 Noon  Lunch (Terraza)
 1:00 PM-5:00 PM  Plenary Session (Grand Ballroom E & F)
 1:00 PM  Breakout Group #1 Report
 Chemical and Structural History of the Milky Way and its Neighbors
 presented byTim Beers, Michigan State U & Andy McWilliam, OCIW (16)
 1:20 PM  Breakout Group #2 Report
 Evolution of Global Properties of Galaxies over Cosmic Time (including BH’s)
 presented by Pat McCarthy, OCIW & Harry Ferguson, STScI (17)
 1:40 PM  Breakout Group #3 Report
 History of Cosmic Expansion presented by Jeremy Mould, NOAO
 2:00 PM  Breakout Group #4 Report
 When Stars Explode
 presented by Mark Phillips, OCIW & Tom Matheson, NOAO (18)
 2:20 PM  Breakout Group #5 Report
 Connections between Star and Planet Formation
 presented by Lisa Prato, Lowell Obs., & Michael Meyer, University of Arizona (20)
 2:40 PM  Breakout Group #6 Report
 Transient and Variable Phenomena
 presented by Paula Szkody, Univ. of Washington & George Djorgovski, Caltech (19)
 3:00 PM  Breakout Group #7 Report
 Planet searches
 presented by Scott Gaudi, Ohio State University (21)
 3:20 PM  Breakout Group #8 Report
 Solar System
 presented by Marc Buie, Lowell Obs., and Faith Vilas, MMT Obs. (15)
 3:45 PM  Discussion
 5:00 PM  Adjourn