Orange Mechanical

Transition Board Extraction Tool

MNSN-EL-02-0005 Extraction Tool Assembly
MNSN-EL-02-1008 Extraction Tool Detail

Power Supply Chassis

MNSN-EL-02-0007 Power Supply Chassis Assembly Drawing
MNSN-EL-02-0008 Power Supply Chassis Bill of Materials
MNSN-EL-02-0011 Power Supply Chassis Bill of Materials Rev -OD-
MNSN-EL-02-1011 Power Supply Chassis Detail Front Panel Modification
MNSN-EL-02-1012 Power Supply Chassis Detail Side Panel Modifications Rev 2
MNSN-EL-02-1013 Power Supply Chassis Detail Back Panel Modifications
MNSN-EL-02-1014 Power Supply Chassis Detail Shelf Modifications
MNSN-EL-02-1015 Power Supply Chassis Detail Cover Modifications
MNSN-EL-02-1016 Power Supply Chassis Detail Delay and Resistor Board

Six Slot Chassis

MNSN-EL-02-0003 6-Slot Generic Assembly Drawing
MNSN-EL-02-0004 6-Slot Generic Parts List
MNSN-EL-02-0006 6-Slot FHIRE Parts List
MNSN-EL-02-1003 6-Slot Generic Detail Panel Left Side Modification Rev -A-
MNSN-EL-02-1010 6-Slot Generic Detail Label TBLK Arrangement
MNSN-EL-02-1017 6-Slot Generic Detail Mounting Bracket Dual Fan
MNSN-EL-02-1018 6-Slot Generic Detail Temporary Back Panel Rev -A-
MNSN-EL-02-1019 6-Slot Generic Detail Panel Right Side Modification
MNSN-EL-02-1020 6-Slot Generic Detail Horizontal Rail Modification Rev -A-
MNSN-EL-02-1021 6-Slot Generic Detail Threaded and Insulation Strip Modifications Rev -A-
MNSN-EL-02-1059 6-Slot Chassis Detail Rear Panel Rev -OD-
MNSN-EL-02-1060 6-Slot Chassis Detail Front Panel Rev -A-

Twelve Slot Chassis

MNSN-EL-02-0002 12-Slot Generic Parts List
MNSN-EL-02-0004 12-Slot Generic Detail Mounting Rails Power Supply
MNSN-EL-02-1001 12-Slot Generic Detail Fan Exhaust
MNSN-EL-02-1002 12 Slot Generic Detail Rail G-10 Cage
MNSN-EL-02-1004 12-Slot Chassis Detail Chassis Support Bar
MNSN-EL-02-1005 12-Slot Generic Detail Mounting Plate Power Supply Filters
MNSN-EL-02-1006 12-Slot Generic Detail Inner Side Panel With Fan Cutout
MNSN-EL-02-1007 12-Slot Generic Detail Outer Side Panel With Fan Cutout
MNSN-EL-02-1009 12-Slot Generic Detail Horizontal Rail Card Cage

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