Goodman Red Camera

The SOAR Goodman Spectrograph Red Camera is equipped with a 4096 x 4112 pixel, back-illuminated, deep-depletion, astro-multi-2 coating, e2v 231-84 CCD.  The CCD is read out through 1 amplifier using a Spectral Instruments controller.  This CCD has excellent cosmetics.  Figure 1 shows a bias frame obtained in Spectroscopic 1x1 ROI mode and with the 344ATTN3 readout (Gain=1.48 e-/ADU, Readout Noise=3.89 e-). Figures 2 and 3 show a dome quartz lamp flat for the 400 l/mm grating in the 400M2 setup (505-905 nm).  Note the almost complete lack of fringing at the red end of the image, compared to the Blue Camera CCD (Figure 4).

Figure 1. Goodman Red Camera bias frame (ROI: Spectroscopic 1x1; Readout: 344ATTN3)

Figure 2. Goodman Red Camera Dome Flat. Grating: 400, Mode: M2 + GG455 filter, ROI: Spectroscopic 1x1, Readout:344ATTN3, Dome lamps at 100%, Texp=20s

Figure 3. Plot of the above dome flat, along the wavelength direction (averaged 10 pixels across the spatial direction). Redder wavelengths to the right.

Figure 4. Comparison of dome flats obtained with the Blue and Red cameras, normalized at 5000A, using the 400M2+GG455 grating setup and 1.03 arcsec slit.


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We have obtained observations of standard stars in order to determine the system throughput with the Red Camera. Results will be posted soon.

Goodman Red Camera Cold Start Procedure

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