What Is Mosaic-3?

Mosaic-3 is a new detector package for the Mosaic prime focus camera at the Mayall telescope on Kitt Peak. The old CCDs in the Mosaic-2 dewar (the version of the Mosaic instrument used at CTIO) have been replaced with four new 4k x 4k, 15 micron pixel, 500-micron thick LBNL deep-depletion CCDs and are now operated using new controllers developed by LBNL. The new detectors have excellent quantum efficiency at red wavelengths (i.e., >85% at 7500-9200 Angstroms).

The primary purpose of the upgrade is to almost double the z-band sensitivity of the Mosaic camera system and to carry out the Mosaic z-band Legacy Survey (MzLS). MzLS is a public imaging survey that will use the Mosaic-3 camera to obtain z-band images of ~5,000 deg2 of the extragalactic sky at DEC > +30 deg.

The only new elements in the Mosaic-3 system are the CCDs and controllers; the rest of the elements (prime focus corrector, filter track, shutter assembly, instrument housing and control software) remain the same. Hence, all filters available for Mosaic1.1 can be used with Mosaic3.

Rules for Observing with Mosaic-3

IMPORTANT!!! Due to the sensitivity of these devices we have instituted rules for observing with Mosaic-3. Prior to your observing run please ensure you read these thoroughly. During your run you will be required to adhere to these rules.

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Updated on March 29, 2022, 1:47 pm