KPNO Telescopes and Instrument Documentation

Instruments Currently in use at KPNO:


ODI: One Degree Imager

NESSI: NN-Explore Exoplanet Stellar Speckle Imager

HDI: Half Degree Imager

WHIRC: WIYN High-Resolution Infrared Camera


DESI (Dark Energy Survey Instrumemt) - Nicholas U. Mayall 4-meter Telescope (Mayall)





HexPak & GradPak

Instruments no Longer in use at KPNO:


MOSAIC - General Documentation

KPNO MOSAIC CCD Imager User Manual

NEWFIRM User Information

NEWFIRM User Manual

Infrared Imager (IRIM) Manual

TIFKAM/ONIS Infrared Imaging Spectrograph - Instrument Reference Manual

SQIID Simultaneous Quad Infrared Imaging Detector User's Manual

FLAMINGOS IR Imaging/Spectrograph Information

The WIYN Mini-Mosaic Imager Manual

The WIYN Arcon-IRAF Interface: A User's Guide

The WIYN Tip/Tilt Imager (WTTM) Manual


KOSMOS Instrument Manual

Mask Design Software for C/KOSMOS

The Mayall R. C. Spectrograph - Instrument Reference Manual

Echelle Spectrograph Instrumentation Operation Manual

Phoenix User's Home Page

Coudé Spectrograph (2.1-m telescope)

Coudé Feed Telescope Information

Infrared Cryogenic Spectrometer (CRSP) Manual

FLAMINGOS Infrared Imaging Spectrograph Information

TIFKAM/ONIS Infrared Imaging Spectrograph Reference Manual

Gold Camera (GCAM) Revised User Manual

The Multi-Aperture Red Spectrometer (MARS) Manual

NICMASS/Coudé Feed Operating Manual

Control and Reduction Manuals

MONSOON Operating Instructions For the WIYN Bench Spectrograph

Direct Imaging Manual for Kitt Peak

An Observer's Guide to Taking CCD Data with ICE

Infrared Instrument Control System WildFire

A Quick Guide to Reducing WIYN Hydra Data

Low-to-Moderate Resolution Optical Spectroscopy Manual for Kitt Peak

Phoenix Data Reduction Exercise [README]- download the 17MB tar file –IRAF

IRAF Beginner's Guide

A User's Introducton to the IRAF Command Language

An Introductory Guide to IRAF Scripts

Spectral Atlases

A CCD Atlas of Helium/Neon/Argon Spectra

The Indo-U.S. Library of Coudé Feed Stellar Spectra

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