Date Item
30 Sep 2023 US Extremely Large Telescope Program Receives $15.3 Million from the National Science Foundation
07 Feb 2023 Version 1 of the US-ELTP Toolkit of Collaborative Practice released
27 Jan 2023 Lucas Macri Appointed US-ELTP Project Director  
8-12 Jan 2023 US-ELTP spoke with attendees to the 241st AAS Meeting in Seattle, Washington, at their booth and participated in a joint NOIRLab/US-ELTP Open House  
26 Sept 2022 Richard Green Appointed US-ELTP Interim Project Director
June 2022 Community Engagement Scientist joins US-ELTP team
5 June 2022 US Extremely Large Telescope Program Open House at AAS 240
5 Nov 2021 US Extremely Large Telescope Program Supports Vision of Decadal Survey
Nov 2021 US-ELTP Project Director Sidney C. Wolff retires
Oct 2021 Beth Willman becomes US-ELTP Project Director
4 Nov 2021 The Pathways to Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 2020s Decadal Survey is released
1 Nov 2021 Read the US-ELTP Background for Media brochure for Astro2020
20 Jan 2021 US-ELTP presentations from AAS #237, January 2021
8 Oct 2020 Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey white papers and Snowmass Letters of Interest
11 Aug 2020 Submission of "Planning and Design for a US Extremely Large Telescope Program" Proposals to the National Science Foundation
25 Mar 2020 The US ELT Program presents to the Astro2020 Decadal Survey
8 Jan 2020 US-ELTP presentations from AAS #235, Honolulu, January 2020
12 Jul 2019 Astro2020 Project White Papers
12 Mar 2019 Astro2020 Science White Papers
14 Feb 2019 US-ELTP presentations from AAS #233, Seattle, January 2019
9 Jul 2018 Invitation to participate in Key Science Program (KSP) development
2 Jul 2018 First meeting, US ELT Program Advisory Committee
26 Jun 2018 Website released
21 May 2018 Announcement of the US Extremely Large Telescope Program


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