Power Supplies

The MONSOON Orange system does not specify a specific power supply solution since it is designed as an expandable system. By definition this precludes having a single power supply design. However, there is one power supply solution that have been used successfully at NOIRLab. The following files give information about the 30 Watt 'Wall Mount' supply..

30 Watt 'Wall Mount' power supply - Suitable for a minimal CCD system in a 4-slot or 6-slot chassis.
MNSN-EL-05-0003 Power Supply Chassis Wiring Diagram Rev -B-
MNSN-EL-05-0004 Power Supply Cables Rev -B-
MNSN-EL-05-0014 Power Supply Wall Mount Rev 1
MNSN-EL-05-0015 Power Supply Wall Mount Wiring List Rev -OD-
MNSN-EL-02-0011 Power Supply Wall Mount Bill of Materials Rev -OD-
MNSN-EL-02-1016 Power Supply Wall Mount Delay Board Fabrication Detail

Updated on May 6, 2021, 7:58 pm