2013 REU Summer Lecture Series

  • Katy Garmany (NOAO)
    “Kitt Peak and the Tohono O’odham Nation: a Brief History”
  • Dave Silva (NOAO Director)
    “An Introduction to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory”
  • Frank Hill (NSO)
    “Space Weather”
  • Tom Lowe (NSO)
    “An Introduction to CCD Astronomy”
  • Tim Beers (NOAO)” “The Stellar Metallicity Distribution Function of the Galactic Halo”
  • Yancy Shirley (U. of Arizona)
    “Future Solar Systems: Finding the Initial Phase of Star and Planet Formation”
  • Lori Allen (KPNO Director)
    “Star Formation in the Milky Way: What Infrared Space Telescopes are Revealing about Star and Planet Formation”
  • Ed Cliver (Air Force Research Lab)
    “The 1859 Space Weather Event Revisited: Limits of Extreme Activity”
  • Christian Beck (NSO)
    “A Basic Introduction to Polarimetry”
  • Dick Shaw (NOAO)
    “Planetary Nebulae: What We Learn from Them”
  • Dan Marrone (U. of Arizona)
    “The Astrophysics Graduate Admission Process”
  • Lori Allen (NOAO)
    “Near-Earth Astreriods: Size Distribution, Physical Properties, Exploration and Hazard Mitigation”
  • Matt Penn (NSO)
    “Advances in Helioseismology: The Sun, Inside and Out”

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