2010 REU Summer Lecture Series

  • Bob Blum (NOAO Deputy Director)
    “Welcome to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory”
  • Frank Hill (NSO)
    “Space Weather”
  • Dick Shaw (NOAO)
    “Introduction to Planetary Nebulae”
  • Jill Bechtold (University of Arizona)
    “The Astrophysics Graduate School Admission Process”
  • Brian Harker (NSO)
    “Spectral Line Formation in Solar and Stellar Photospheres”
  • Steve Keil (NSO Director)
    “Solar Astrophysics”
  • Steve Pompea (NOAO)
    “The Galileoscope”
  • Mike Merrill (NOAO)
    “Introduction to Infrared Astrophysics”
  • Katy Garmany (NOAO)
    “Kitt Peak National Observatory and the Tohono O’odham Nation”
  • Rachel Howe (NSO)
    “Introduction to Helioseismology”

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