TCS Coordinates File Format

Format for TCS Coordinate Files


This is the format definition for object catalog coordinate lists for use with the Ví­ctor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope control system. Such files can be prepared before the run and can be loaded into the TCS at the time of the run.

  • MyObjectName HH:MM:SS +/-DD:MM:SS Epoch ppRA ppDec
  • MyObjectName is one word, no spaces.
  • No spaces between +/- sign and DD.
  • Each line must be less than 79 characters long.
  • The file must be less than a total of 64Kbytes.
  • pmRA,pmDec are proper motion in arcsec/yr.
  • Field separators are one or more spaces.


Sample data (without pmRA,pmDec):



RA (J2000)

DEC (J2000)

SA113 21:41:14.00 +00:42:00.0
TPHEc1 00:31:05.00 -46:22:43.0
TPHEc4 00:30:30.00 -46:09:00.0
SA92c1 00:55:07.00 +00:38:56.0
SA92c2 00:53:47.00 +00:38:56.0
SA92c3 00:53:47.00 +00:58:56.0
SA92c4 00:55:07.00 +00:58:56.0
PG0231c4 02:33:41.00 +05:38:40.0
SA95c 03:53:21.00 +00:19:40.0

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