Available Facilities

The latest Call for Proposals can be found here.

The list of available instruments through NOIRLab can be found here.

Facility Telescope Approximate nights available for new 2021B programs Additional Info
Gemini 8m Gemini North Telescope 58 http://www.gemini.edu/observing/phase-i/standard-semester-program/2021b-call-proposals
  8m Gemini South Telescope 54  
  8m Subaru Telescope (available through exchange) 3


CTIO 4m Blanco Telescope 45  
SOAR 4.2m SOAR Telescope 49  
SMARTS 1.5m,  0.9m

1.5m: 270hr for regular proposals, 300hr for NNEXPLORE

0.9m: 14 

WIYN 3.5m WIYN Telescope 30  
  0.9m Telescope 0  

Keck 1 (10m)

Keck 2 (10m



CHARA 6 X 1m Interferometer 30 http://www.chara.gsu.edu/public/instrumentation/
LCOGT Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, 1m and 2m 1200hrs, 220hrs https://lco.global/astronomers/ 
MINERVA-Australis  5 x 0.7m 300 hrs