2010 KPNO REU Students

Daniel Barringer (Union College)
“Effects of Light Pollution on the Movement of Leptonycteris Yerbabuenae in the Tucson Area”
Advisor: Connie Walker

Eleanor Byler (Wellesley College)
“Investigating the AGN Population in Cluster Environments Across Different Wavelength Ranges.”
Advisor: Dara Norman

Keith Hawkins (Ohio University)
“The CNO Bi-cycle in the Open Cluster NGC 752”
Advisor: Simon Schuler

Michelle Kislak (University of California, Berkeley)
“The Extreme Red: Characterizing LSST’s Y3 and Y4”
Advisors: Victor Krabbendam & Chuck Claver

Allison Merritt (University of California, Berkeley)
“A Photometric Survey of Ori OB1b”
Advisor: Bill Sherry

Sean Morrison (Appalachian State University)
“Eclipsing Binaries in the Kepler Field”
Advisor: Ken Mighell

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