Starting the FOPS Guider

Fops Guider Start Up.

At the VxWorks prompt type "Guide". You will notice that the FOPS monitor will flash and then a bunch of messages will be printed to the terminal output:

-> Guide

Before guiding you have to activate the Fops you want to use. You can activate the FOPS by sending the command from the Hydra-CTIO gui or by typing a command at the VxWorks shell prompt.

In the first case select the fiber from the list and press the green button labeled "Enable FOPS".
In the second case just type chgFop(fop#, type, state), where:

fop#    is the fop number from 0 to 11.
type    is 1 for GUIDE, 2 for SKY and 3 for MONITOR.
state   is 1 for active and 2 for inactive.

For example to activate FOPS 6 as a monitor FOPS type:

-> chgFop(6, 3, 1)

Finally to start guiding press the green button labeled "Guider On" or type at the VxWorks shell prompt:

-> GuiderOn

To stop guiding type:

-> GuiderOff


Last Modified: March 11, 1999

Updated on May 10, 2021, 9:08 am