Appendix A


Miscellaneous Software Commands

Parameter Sets and Related Commands 

newpset  unlearn specified parameter sets ("psets") restoring default values

General Parameters 

obspars parameter set ("pset") containing general observation parameters
(picnum, parameters of focus frames, observer, etc.)
telpars parameter set containing telescope parameters (not much, though)

Detector Parameters 

detpars pset containing parameters of the detector (binning), do not use!
detector download detector parameters from detpars to the controller
setdet edit detpars and then execute the detector command.
ccdinfo list parameters of detector and other interesting information
kleenex guarantee that all the "ex" tasks (e.g., muxnex) have shut down

Instrument Parameters 

instrpars pset containing instrument parameters (filter, telescope focus, etc.)
enable enable or disable various motors - some instrument, some telescope
wheel1 pset containing filter names and related information
motor move motors in the instrument or read current positions: Includes
motor move move motors prompting the user for the required positions
motor go move motors to the positions specified in instrpars
motor status list current positions of motors
motor enable disable/enable movement of individual motors
motor init initialize filter wheel names
instrument "ICE"-like synonym for "motor move"

Additional Commands for support staff

connect establish the connection between the IRAF UI and Arcon controller
disconnect break the connection between the IRAF UI and Arcon controller
reconnect break and re-establish the connection between IRAFand Arcon
send a command to the detector controller (Arcon)
pconv send a command to picread/picfeed
arsh send a command to arsh/clarsh
mux send a command to muxnex
fhdr send command to fitsheader server
shutter Command Arcon to open/close the shutter
gwcopen establish the connection between IRAF and the instrument
gwcclose break the connection between IRAF and the instrument
gwcsend send a command to the instrument controller
mseshutter Command the instrument controller to open/close the shutter and
set the shutter ready position

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