Public Documents & Reports

High-level Documents

Under the terms of the cooperative agreement with the NSF, NOIRLab produces several reports each year. The Strategic Vision presents a long-term view of future activities. The Annual Program Plan presents a more detailed description of the goals (milestones) and activities of the upcoming fiscal year (1 October 1–30 September). The Fiscal Year Annual Report reviews the accomplishments of the just completed fiscal year and accounts for discrepancies from the Annual Program Plan (i.e., actual vs. planned).

National Strategy and Policy Reports

At the start of each decade, the National Academies organize a community-wide activity to recommend priorities in facility development for the next ten years. Typically, within these decadal surveys, one panel focuses on ground-based OIR development. These reports provide strategic guidance to NOIRLab’s program and planning.

Decadal Processes 2010 and 2020

Safety Documents


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