Shuttle Transportation Information

NOIRLab vehicles are for use by NOIRLab personnel and authorized visitors who have a valid State/International and GSA driver's license. The primary purpose of these vehicles is for shuttle transportation to/from Kitt Peak (utilizing the schedules noted below). Depending upon availability, vehicles can be used for short duration, in-Tucson trips, and, if scheduled in advance, for travel to other locations. A Chevron credit card is available when traveling outside the Tucson/Kitt Peak area.

Personnel and visitors using the shuttles must sign up prior to departure on the log at either the Main Tucson or Kitt Peak Switchboard. Please sign up for a shuttle at least 30 minutes to one day in advance to ensure appropriate vehicle assignment. Vehicle keys will be available 10 minutes prior to departure. For shuttle runs outside the usual schedule, the log should be filled out with a specific reason for the unscheduled departure, Operations scheduling and approval is required. All vehicle keys must be deposited, upon arrival, in the key drop box at each location. If the vehicle is transporting equipment to Kitt Peak, please notify Operations in advance and check in with the Mountain Receptionist prior to unloading. For vehicle needs while on Kitt Peak, contact the Mountain Receptionist.

Approved bus/shuttle pick ups and drop offs include stops at the Mission Park Baptist Churst (on the southwest corner of the Ajo Way and La Cholla intersection) and the ADOT facility in Three Points.

NOIRLab personnel ONLY: For in-Tucson trips, it is necessary to fill out the log in the Operations Building (Room X-13) identifying the in-town destination, prior to receiving vehicle keys. Employees are encouraged to use the Shipping/Receiving delivery/pickup service whenever possible.

When driving an NOIRLab vehicle, please check the fuel level prior to departure and, be sure to turn the communications radio on to Kitt Peak, Channel 1. Vehicle problems can be reported on the performance trouble report in the vehicle glove box, and deposited in the collection box next to the key drop box at either KPNO or Tucson Operations. Serious or major vehicle problems should be reported verbally to the respective site operations office. Thank you for your help.


  Tucson Depart.   Est. KPNO Arrival   KPNO Depart.   Est. Tucson Arrival
   S  6:40 am*           8:00 am     |  U    8:30 am         9:50 am
   U  8:30 am            9:50 am     |  U   11:00 am        12:20 pm
   U 11:00 am           12:20 pm     |  U    2:00 pm         3:20 pm
   S  2:00 pm*#          3:20 pm     |  S    4:00 pm*        5:20 pm
   U  4:00 pm            5:20 pm     |  U    6:00 pm         7:20 pm
   U  6:00 pm            7:20 pm     |  U    8:00 pm         9:20 pm
                                     |  U   10:00 pm**      11:20 pm

S=Shuttle driver supplied; U=You drive
*Shuttle driver supplied (except weekends and holidays)
# May be U-drive on occasion
**Departure time flexible depending on requirements
Note: Shuttle departure times may be dependent upon vehicle availability. Arrival times are estimates only - actual arrival will be dependent upon weather, road and traffic conditions.