CRSP Spectra of HeNeAr Source

The following spectra were obtained using the HeNeAr source in the gold guider at the 2.1-m telescope. Slit 5 was used to achieve the best resolution and thus the identification of the maximum number of lines. Use of a wider slit will probably result in some blended lines, particularly in the J and H bands, and one will have to select unblended lines for the dispersion solution. The lamp continuum overwhelms any lines long of 2.5 microns; however, L and M band obervations may be calibrated by HeNeAr spectra at the same grating setting in the K or H filter, as appropriate. After performing the dispersion solution, the spectra are calibrated by multiplying the wavelength scale parameters in the header by the appropriate order factor. The wavelengths are given in vacuum Angstroms.
08 May 1998

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