epar obspars


 picture = 1001 Picture number of first exposure
(template = "") Image name template
(autopicnum =  yes) Generate picture number automatically ?
(detupdate = yes) Update detector parameters automatically ?\n\n#
(postpic = "") Post processing command for single picture
(postseq = "") Post processing command for sequences
(restart = yes) Restart the server on every command ?\n\n# ADDI
(observers =  "Galvez, Bonati") Observers
(propid = "007") Observing proposal ID
(comments = "") (comments = " ")
(comfile = "") Observer header comments file\n
(mode = "ql")  

What might you want to change in obspars? The fields "observers", "propid", and "comments" are all added to the header and to the automatic observing logs, and should correspond to your program. If you leave "template" blank, then your images will have our standard prefixes ("obj" for objects, "dflat" for dome flats, "zero" for biases, "sflat" for sky flats, and "focus" for focus frames) plus the picture number given by "picture" (which is automatically incremented for you as long as "autopicnum" is set to "yes"). Some observers like to use one template for all types of exposures, which they enter in the "template" field. It's also popular to change the "picture" number at the beginning of each night (say 1001 for the first night, 2001 for the second, etc.) so as to easily distinguish images taken on different nights.

Updated on June 4, 2021, 10:00 am