Future Directions for Interferometry Workshop — Presentation Graphics
Monday, November 13 — At the Four Points Sheraton
Title Presenters File Name
Introductions and information; NOAO Long Range Planning, Interferometry, and the Decade review Stephen Ridgway, Todd Boroson Ridgway-Boroson-Introduction.pdf
Status of Interferometry Planning in Europe Andreas Glindemann Glindemann-Europe-comp.pdf
Space Interferometry in the 2020+ Era Ken Carpenter Carpenter-Space-comp.pdf
ELT Perspectives Bruce Macintosh Macintosh-ELT perspec-comp.pdf
Stellar Physics Doug Geis Gies-StellarPhysics_comp.pdf
YSO’s Josh Eisner Eisner-ysos.pdf
Exo-planets Mark Swain Swain-ExoPlanet-comp.pdf
Crowded Field Imaging Knut Olsen Olsen-CrowdedFields-comp.pdf
Normal Galactic Nuclei & Massive Black Holes Tod Lauer Lauer-GalacticNuclei-comp.pdf
AGN’s & QSO’s Martin Elvis Elvis-2006Nov_AZ Interferometry-comp.pdf
Tuesday, November 14 — At the Four Points Sheraton
Title Presenters File Name
Distant Galaxies and Cosmology Stephen Serjeant Serjeant-HighZ-comp.pdf
Current Generation Arrays — Current Status, Getting the Most of them, and their Further Development Rachel Akeson Akeson-CurrentArrays-comp.pdf
Astrometry Lane, Eisner Lane-Eisner-Astrometry-comp.pdf
Classical Array, Possibly Fizeau Andreas Quirrenbach Quirrenbach_ClassicalArray.pdf
Compact Fizeau Array as an ELT alternative Olivier Guyon Guyon-compactArray.pdf
LBT Sequel — Compact Array of Large apertures (20-20) Roger Angel Not available
Sky Coverage of Interferometry and the Antarctic John Storey Storey-Antarctic-comp.pdf
Integrated Optics and a Fiber Linked Array Guy Perrin Perrin-fiberLink-comp.pdf
Array Facilities Operations — Lessons Learned ten Brummelaar Brummelaar-Facilities.pdf
Wednesday, November 15 — At NOAO Headquarters
Title Presenters File Name
Cost modeling for Arrays Eklund, Rajagopal Eklund-InterferometerWS.pdf
Roadmap integration   In prep
Recommendations to NOAO   In prep
Special Invited Talks
Title Speaker File Name
"Science from the CHARA Array" Hal McAlister McAlister-CHARA.pdf
"Science from PTI and Keck Interferometer" Andy Boden Boden-PTI.pdf
Future Technologies for Interferometry Wes Traub Traub-FutureTechnologies.pdf
Breakout Sessions/Preparation of recommendations/reports
Topic Moderator/scribe File Name
Stars Hutter/Danchi StellarPhysicsBreakout.pdf
YSO’s & Exo-Planets Najita/Swain YSO-ExoplanetBreakout.pdf
Galaxies Boroson/Herbst GalaxiesBreakout.pdf
Crowded fields Allen/Mighell CrowdedFieldsBreakout.pdf
Future Array concepts — bright targets Milan-Gabet/ Kervella SparseArraysBreakout.pdf
Future Array concepts — faint targets Herbst/Karovska CompactArraysBreakout.pdf
An Antarctic Interferometry Program Stencel/Foresto AntarcticBreakout.pdf
Current generation facilities van Belle/Bakker/Gies CurrentFacilitiesBreakout.pdf
Technology Roadmap Armstrong, Bakker, Lawson TechnologyRoadmapBreakout.pdf
Prototypes and science demonstrations Monnier, Perrin, Boden ScienceRoadmapBreakout.pdf