To Conference Participants:

As you know, we are planning to make the papers presented at the conference on Observing Dark Energy available to the community through the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. We think this volume will be most useful it is published as quickly as possible, and so we ask you to submit your manuscript no later than June 1. We will then complete the editing over the summer and submit the completed manuscript to the ASP.

As a guideline, presenters of oral papers should prepare manuscripts that are approximately 10 pages long (we have some flexibility to accommodate slightly longer papers) and poster papers should be summarized in about four pages.

The ASP has developed a new set of instructions for preparing manuscripts and will now accept electronic submissions, which is expected to speed the process substantially. The ASP has also introduced new LaTeX MACROS, which will make the process of assembling the complete book easier for the editors.

To find the instructions for preparing manuscripts, authors should:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on: Macros and Instructions Download

In this directory, click 2004AuthorFiles. You will then find the files:

  • asp2004.sty.txt—the new ASP Conf. Series style file
  •—author’s instructions (Postscript)
  • aspauthor2004_2.tex—author’s instructions (LaTeX file)

Print out the file for a full set of instructions for authors (33 pages). These instructions explain, step by step, how to prepare your article using the ASP Conf. Series style file (asp2004.sty.txt). No prior knowledge of LaTeX is assumed.

If you have not yet submitted a copyright form, please go to the same web address (, click Macros and Instructions Download, and print out the pdf version of the copyright form. After signing it, either mail the copyright form to

Ms. K. English, NOAO
P.O. Box 26732
Tucson, AZ 85726

or else fax it to: K. English (520-318-8360).

The ASP (and your editors!) ask that you follow these instructions carefully—it will speed publication.

Sidney Wolff and Tod Lauer