Wednesday, March 17


6:00 - 8:00pm


Evening Reception

Thursday, March 18

AM Session: Introduction - Dave De Young, Chair


 Jeremy MouldI



 Rocky Kolb

Theorizing Dark Energy


 Sean Carroll

What is w Allowed To Be?

 10:00  Break

 Georgi Dvali

Dark Energy or Large-Distance Modification of Gravity?

 11:00  Discussion, Panel, Open Mike
 11:30  Lunch (Provided)

PM Session: Supernovae - Daniel Eisenstein, Chair


Saul Perlmutter

Supernovae, Dark Energy, and SNAP


 Nick Suntzeff

Dark Energy Measurements from the High-Z Supernova Survey and ESSENCE


 Chris Pritchet

SNLS - the Supernova Legacy Survey at CFHT

3:00  Break

 Adam G. Riess

Supernovae at z>1: Kinematics and Dark Energy


 Tod Lauer

DESTINY - The Dark Energy Space Telescope


 Wendy Freedman

The Carnegie Supernova Project

4:45  Discussion, Panel, Open Mike

Friday, March 19

AM Session: Gravitational Lensing - Tereasa Brainerd, Chair


 Gary Bernstein

Realistic Forecasts for Dark Energy Constraints from Planned Weak Lensing Surveys.


 Tony Tyson

Constraining the Physics of Dark Energy and Dark Matter via Gravitational Lensing


 Bhuvnesh Jain

Probing Dark Energy with Weak Lensing Surveys

 10:00  Break

 Lloyd Knox

Weak Lensing and Supernovae as Complementary Probes of Dark Energy


 Roger Blandford

Strong Lensing and Cosmography

 11:30  Discussion, Panel, Open Mike
 12:00  Conference Photograph
 12:15  Lunch (Provided)

PM Session: Galaxy Clusters - Bob Nichol, Chair


Ruth Daly

A Direct Measurement of the Pressure and Energy Density of the Dark Energy as a Function of Redshift


 Marc Davis

Constraining Dark Energy Using The DEEP2 abundance of distant Clusters


 Joe Mohr

Studies of Cosmology and Structure Formation with Galaxy Cluster Surveys

3:30  Break

 Martin White

Clusters and Dark Energy


 Sarah Church

Recent Results from the SuZIE Experiment

5:00  Discussion, Panel, Open Mike

Saturday, March 20

AM Session: Acoustic Oscillations, ISW - Andy Connolly, Chair


 Daniel Eisenstein

Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound


 Lam Hui

Geometrical Constraints on Dark Energy from Lensing and the Lyman-alpha Forest


 Ryan Scranton

Looking for Dark Energy with SDSS and WMAP

 10:30  Discussion, Panel, Open Mike
 11:00  Break, Posters
 12:00  Lunch

PM Session: CMB - Chair TBD


Rachel Bean

Can We Hope to Detect Dark Energy Perturbations?


 Wayne Hu

Dark Energy Probes in Light of the CMB

2:30  Break

 Licia Verde

Probing dark energy with the CMB

 3:30  Discussion, Panel, Open Mike

 Michael Turner

Cosmic Acceleration: The Most Profound Question in Science