Talks and Posters


  • Invited talks (25min): invited speakers will present a broad view of the session topic, given at the beginning and intermediate steps of new session
  • Contributed Talks (12min): attendees to present work contributing to a session topic
    Please note that there will be time allotted for Q+A immediately following your talks. If you have been awarded a contributed talk we ask that you plan for a presentation of 12min + 3min of questions. For invited talks, we will have 25min + 5min of questions.


For those presenting a poster contribution, we ask that you limit your poster size to 90 x 120 cm (approx. 36 x 48 inches) which can be in portrait or landscape orientation. Our display boards can accommodate smaller posters as well. Posters will be affixed to display boards by push-pin. 

Prize Giveaway for Best Talks and Posters

In addition, we will be hosting prize giveaway for the best talk and poster at the end of each session! You can vote for your favorite talk/poster using the links below. The winner will be chosen on the next day after the session is finished, so make sure to place your vote in time! Each winner will get a nice souvenir of Hilo to bring home and share.

Session 1: “SN Ia Progenitors” 

Session 2: “Debris from Extrasolar Planetary Systems” 

Session 3: “Fundamental Physics” 

Session 4: “Precision Studies of White Dwarf Structure” 

Session 5: “Stellar Physics and Galactic Evolution”