The IAU published proceedings for every IAU Symposium. This conference is no exception and we have included the cost of access to the electronic version is included in the registration fee.

The current official IAU publisher is Cambridge University Press.

Submission of all the author contributions to CUP is required within 3 months of the end of the symposium. Therefore, we will set a deadline of December 7th 2019 for submissions to the editors, to allow time for processing of the manuscripts. Invited reviews are limited to 15 pages, oral contributions 4 pages.

We will be using an online submission system to collect all submissions to the Proceedings volume. You should register to use this online submission system, found at All contributions must be submitted via this online site, and authors should take care to submit their contribution to the correct Symposium number- this will have to be selected by the author from a dropdown menu on submission.

Additional general information can be found in the IAU instructions document.