18-19 August 2011 - Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.

Tucson Marriott University Park

NOTE: If you are looking for the 2015 DECam Community Science Workshop click here.

NOAO is proud to host a two-day community workshop on the Dark Energy Camera (DECam), on 18-19 August 2011.

Be part of extensive discussions with the DECam team. This is a unique opportunity for prospective users to meet and form collaborations based upon their common or complementary interests in DECam data and capabilities.

This conference will bring together researchers and scientists from the DECam community who are interested in the DECam and the ways in which it can be applied and used. One of the main aims of the workshop is to stimulate interactions among researchers to form collaborations.

The workshop discussions will give the DECam team an overview of the community interest in DECam, thus allowing us to optimize commissioning, operations and data reduction.

To register

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please register via the online form. Participation is limited to 50 attendees due to logistical constraints.


Presentations on DES, and DECam use by the community were made at the recent (Seattle) AAS meeting in a Special Session and a Splinter Meeting, and some of these can be viewed at  https://noirlab.edu/science/programs/ctio/instruments/Dark-Energy-Camera

Organizing Committee:

  • David James (Chair)
  • Lori Allen
  • Dara Norman
  • Alistair Walker
  • Shelley Weintraub

DECam & DES:

  • Dark Energy Camera
  • Dark Energy Survey
  • Presentations at January 2011 AAS Meeting:
  • The Dark Energy Camera and the Dark Energy Survey
  • Observing with DECam

DECam Support Organizations: