Astrobiology Graduate Conference

January 7-January 11, 2004

Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.

Special guests

Invited Speakers

Mark Claire, UW-Seattle
Modeling the Rise of Atmopheric Oxygen
Corey Cohn, Stony Brook
Mineral Generated H2O2 and OH
Josh Eisner, Caltech
Circumstellar Disks Around Young Stars
Kevin Hand, Stanford
Biosignatures on Europa
Jelte Harnmeijer, UW-Seattle
BIF-hosted Phosphates
Rachel Horak, William and Mary
Light Production in Bacterial Mats
Andrew Howard, Harvard
Optical SETI
Julie Huber, UW-Seattle
Subseafloor Biosphere
Matthew Hurtgen, Pennsylvania State University
Geochemistry of the Maieberg Formation
Vladimir Ivkovic, Institute of Anthropological Research, Croatia
Neurocybernetics of Emerging Biotic Systems
Hilary Justh, Pennsylvania State University
Warming Early Mars with Methane
Stanimir Metchev, Caltech
Imaging of Extrasolar Planets
Hector Montiel, UNAM
Interstellar Amino Acid Formation
Jim Moran, Pennsylvania State University
Anaerobic Methane Consumption
Annika Mosier, Desert Research Institute
Microbial Assemblages in Ice-Sealed Lake Vida
Erika Offerdahl, University of Arizona
Student's Understanding of Key Astrobiology Concepts
Dominic Papineau, CU-Boulder
Precambrian Evolution of Atmospheric Oxygen
Sean Raymond, UW-Seattle
Delivery of Water to TerrestrialPlanets
Aubrey Zerkle, Penn State
Trace Metal Biosignatures
Olga Zhaxybayeva, University of Connecticut
Evolution of the Three Domains of Life

Invited Posters

John Armstrong, Weber
Questions in Astrobiology: Solved
William Brazelton, UW-Seattle
Molecular and Organismal Characterization of Microbiological Communitites
Irma Chavez, Nitrogen Fixation Research Center, UNAM
The Early Evolution of Simple Sequences and Genome Size
Eduardo de la Fuente, Dpto. de Fisica., Univ. de Guad.
High Resolution Radio Observations of Maser Clumps
Melanie Freed, U of A
A 5-micron Camera for the Detection of Giant Exoplanets
Jessica Goin, Portland State
RAMAN Characterization of Modern Microbial Communitites in Siliceous Sinter
Shawn Goldman, PSU
Hematite Stability in an Anoxic Atmosphere
Orion Johnson, U. South. CA
The Geobiology of Ultrabasic Springs on a Serpentinizing Peridotide in Sonoma County, CA
Timothy Riedel, UT
Directed Evolution of a Halotolerant E. Coli
Scott Sheppard, UH
Small Outer Solar System Objects as a Source of Water
Alexander Smirnov, SUNY
Ammonium Immobilization in Ocean Floor Rocks and Minerals
Steve Vance, UW-Seattle
A Lost City on Europa?
Achim Herrmann, PSU
Middle Ordovician (Caradoc) Global Paleobiogeography: Constraining OGCM Results and Implications for the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction
Armeda VanDam, Rice
Kelly Smith, Clemson U