Adaptive Optics Strategic Response Workshop

NOIRLab is pleased to announce the “Adaptive Optics Strategic Response to Astro2020 Workshop” to be held at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center, from May 16-18, 2023.

The goal of this workshop is to identify and prioritize strategies and options for the future development and implementation of Adaptive Optics (AO) for both ground-based objectives and complementing space-based missions in support of the Astro2020 science goals.

The technical organizing committee (TOC) invites you to attend and participate in this workshop and to contribute to the final product, a publicly-available report with findings for the community and for the prospective funding agencies including the NSF, NASA, and DoE.


Astro2020 identified a number of directions for future AO research and implementation. These include the development of high-performance AO and high-contrast imaging for ELTs, where investments in AO systems development is a key risk mitigation strategy. There is also the pressing need to develop advanced AO systems in the optical, and AO system development for mid- and small-scale ground facilities, including wide-field AO. It is important to note that these goals will not be obtainable at the current funding levels for AO and will require increased and possibly collaborative funding

This workshop will involve identifying the technologies to be developed including system components and completed AO systems. It will also look at implementation of operational systems, potential collaborative efforts for technology development and standardizing of system components when possible including leveraging international collaborations, and the training and maintenance of a US AO workforce. The connection of the science goals outlined in Astro2020 with existing and planned future AO capabilities will be discussed and will serve as the drivers for future AO development and implementation. This includes AO systems for ELTs and how ground-based AO observations and technology development can support future space missions.

A vision for assessing state-of-the-art technology, the required level of performance to achieve Astro2020 goals, and plans for closing the technological gaps will be developed.

Please note that participation in this workshop is necessarily limited due to the capacity of the venue and the format of the workshop.


Lake Arrowhead, CA




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