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Starting 2022B: NOIRLab proposals must be anonymized. Instructions for PIs can be found on the Anonymization page
Starting 2022A: The launch of the Time Allocation System (TAS) includes important changes for users, such as 1) Direct LaTeX entry into the proposal form is no longer supported. Instead the main text sections of the proposal (Science Justification, Experimental Design, etc.) must be attached as PDF files to the web-based sections of the proposal. 2) Proposers must sign in to the CSDC Single Sign On (SSO) system to access the proposal form. Additional information is available in the Call for Proposals pageProposal Instructions page and the FAQ page.


The NOIRLab TAC is charged with the scientific assessment and ranking of observing proposals for all NOIRLab-coordinated facilities (KPNO, CTIO, Gemini, and TSIP allocations). The NOIRLab TAC meets every six months, approximately one month after each proposal submission deadline.

In semester 2022B the NOIRLab TAC implemented a dual anonymous two stage proposal review process. The goal of a two-stage anonymized review process is to keep the focus of the first stage on the science being proposed.

For more information on the NOIRLab TAC process, or if you're interested in participating as a TAC member, please contact Mia Hartman, TAC Coordinator, or Verne Smith, Time Allocation Process Manager.

The NOIRLab Time Allocation Meetings for 2024B are scheduled as follows:

April 29-30, 2024  Galactic & Solar System planels

May 1-2, 2024       Extragalactic & NNExplore panels

May 3, 2024          Merging TAC



NOIRLab Proposal Resources

  • Proposal Information

  • Proposal Form 
    !** Note **
    Note: NOIRLab standard proposals are accepted using the TAS proposal submission form. This form replaces the legacy NOAO proposal form (as of semester 2022A) and provides a much more streamlined submission process. Click here for proposal instructions. There are some key differences in the new system:
    • Proposal text must be anonymized. Starting 2022B proposal content must be anonymized with the exception of the "Team Information and Relevant Background" attachment field.
    • A CSDC user account is required to submit a proposal. This account will be used to manage all of your proposals. No longer do you use a separate new user for each proposal. You will be directed to the Proposal Form AFTER you login.
    • Our submission tools will no longer compile your LaTex. This means all entries must be submitted through the webform as plain text, with scientific text (e.g. SJ, ED) of the proposal (including figures) being submitted as a PDF
    • Multiple users can view a single proposal. Read, Write or Submit access can be granted to one or multiple investigators on the proposal.
    • Proposals can be recalled up until the proposal submission deadline. Made a mistake? Proposals can now be recalled as long as the submission period is still open.
    • More details of changes can be found on the FAQ page.
    • Our new help email is proposal-help@noirlab.edu
  • Proposal Instructions

NOIRLab TAC Results and Statistics


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