Tucson Workshop on Next Generation Wide Field MultiObject Spectroscopy

October 11-October 12, 2001

Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.

Instructions for Submitting Conference Proceedings

  1. The Deadline for submitting written contributions is 1 February, 2002.
  2. Page Limits:
    • Invited talks:   10-15 pages
    • Contributed talks:   up to 5 pages
  3. Format: All contributions for the Proceedings must be prepared in LaTeX using the PASP Conference style and example template available at http://pasp.byu.edu/. Instructions are available in the example paper.
  4. Submission: All authors must electronically submit the original .tex file and any included figures as separate files. Authors are also encouraged to send an electronic postscript version of their paper and/or a hardcopy. In all cases, ftp is preferred over Email. Follow the instructions below for ftp, and include a README file to describe the files enclosed in the subdirectory you have created. Use a separate subdirectory for each article submission. Please e-mail a note to mbrown@noao.edu stating that you have sent your submission.


electronic address: mbrown@noao.edu
mail address: Michael Brown
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
P.O. Box 26732
Tucson, AZ 85726-6732
anonymous FTP: ftp www.tuc.noao.edu
login: anonymous
password: (your e-mail address)
cd /pub/wfmos
mkdir (your last name)
cd (your last name)
put article.tex
put article.ps
... (upload any other files, such as embedded EPS figures)