March 17, 2010

General Introduction: Buell T. Jannuzi, Director, Kitt Peak National Observatory


Speaker: Vera Rubin, “Early Kitt Peak, Bright Galaxies, and Dark Matter”

Introduced by: David Silva, Director, National Optical Astronomy Observatory


Speaker: Nick Suntzeff, “The Acceleration of the Universe”

Introduced by: Bob Blum, Deputy Director of NOAO


Speaker: Doug Rabin, “The New Solar Corona”

Introduced by: Mark Giampapa, Deputy Director of NSO

  • Presentation [432.3 MB .zip]
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  • Due to the large numbers of movies used in this presentation only the powerpoint version is available. We thank Dr. Rabin for his willingness to share his entire presentation via the web.

Speaker: Charles Lada, “Star Formation in the Galaxy, an Observational Perspective”

Introduced by: Lynne Hillenbrand, California Institute of Technology


Speaker Heather Morrison, “Galaxy Formation and Evolution: from the Outside”

Introduced by: Abi Saha, NOAO


Public Talk


General Introduction: David Silva, Director, NOAO

Speaker: Alan Dressler, “The Living History of the Universe”

Introduced by: Todd Boroson, Former Director of NOAO

See also this day's Schedule and the programs for From First Light to Newborn Stars (March 14-16) and The Eventful Universe (March 18-20).