Study Topics and Groups

Broad community input for the study was solicited in January 2016 through an online survey, with over 100 responses received. The input was used in assembling study groups with the following participants and topics:

  • Characterizing Primitive Small Bodies of the Solar System: David Trilling (study lead), Lori Feaga, Henry Hsieh, Vishnu Reddy, Christina Thomas
  • Stellar Rotation and Magnetic Activity in the Field and Open Clusters: Suzanne Hawley (study lead), Ruth Angus, Derek Buzasi, James Davenport, Mark Giampapa, Vinay Kashyap, Soren Meibom
  • Mapping Galaxies to Dark Matter Halos: Josh Simon and Douglas Finkbeiner (study leads), Eric Bell, Alex Drlica-Wagner, Puragra Guhathakurta, Kathryn Johnston, Ting Li, Bryan Miller, Connie Rockosi, Eric Tollerud, Branimir Sesar
  • Explosive Transients: Ryan Foley (study lead), Wen-fai Fong, Jennifer Hoffman, Tom Matheson, David Sand
  • Co-evolution of Baryons, Black Holes and Cosmic Structure: Greg Rudnick (study lead), Mark Dickinson, Dawn Erb, John O’Meara, Brant Robertson, Jon Trump, Ben Weiner
  • Cosmology: Jeff Newman (study lead), Adam Bolton, Will Dawson, Mark Dickinson, Eric Gawiser, Elise Jennings, Eric Linder, Rachel Mandelbaum, Phil Marshall, Chad Schafer, Sam Schmidt, Anja von der Linden, Ben Weiner

In addition to the six science-based study groups, an additional group was convened to address common infrastructure issues:

  • Time Domain Follow-up and Evolution of Observing Paradigms: Rachel Street (study lead), Steve Ridgway, David Ciardi, Adam Bolton, Chad Schafer, Jay Elias, Tom Matheson, Erik Tollerud