Hi everyone, we are pleased to announce that we will host a JWST proposal workshop at Gemini Observatory (Hilo) on Feb 6 & 7, 2020.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please sign up here, before Jan 10, 2020. You can join in person at Hilo or via zoom. Rooms are reserved in both Gemini North and Gemini South.

Siyi Xu (Gemini), Trent Dupuy (Gemini), Sandy Leggett (Gemini), Christy Cunningham (Gemini), Morten Andersen (Gemini), Hwihyun Kim (Gemini), Ricardo Salinas (Gemini), Geoffrey Bower (ASIAA/Submillimeter Array), Klaus Hodapp (IfA, Hilo), John O’Meara (Keck Observatory), Steve Mairs (East Asian Observatory), Andreea Petric (Canada France Hawaii Telescope), Mirko Simunovic (Subaru Telescope)

GN: Terry Lee, Christy Cunningham, Trent Dupuy, Samuel Lai, Atsuko Nitta, Siyi Xu
GS: Morten Andersen, Hwihyun Kim, Ricardo Salinas

JWST Master Class graduates offer a valuable service to their local communities by organizing JWST proposal planning workshops. They help potential proposers find the basic information they need to prepare for JWST, and they facilitate the initial learning process. Graduates are not representatives of STScI, and there is no expectation that they will be able to respond to all inquiries and questions. The final authority for all information about JWST science and the proposal process resides with the JWST Documentation System (JDox), the STScIHelpdesk at jwsthelp.stsci.edu, and the JWST science website at jwst.stsci.edu.