US NGO workshops and splinter meetings at the AAS

NOIRLab regularly holds a series of mini-workshops and splinter meetings at the winter AAS meetings. These are intended to advocate for use of the Gemini facilities and data by the US community. If you have a suggestion for a topic and/or speaker contact the US NGO team.

2024 AAS Splinter Session: The Present and Future of Exoplanet Science with the Gemini Observatory

SOC: Vinicius Placco (Chair, NSF's NOIRLab/CSDC), Susan Ridgway (NSF's NOIRLab/CSDC), Siyi Xu (NSF's NOIRLab/Gemini), Emily Deibert (NSF's NOIRLab/Gemini), David Jones (NSF's NOIRLab/Gemini), Zachary Hartman (NSF's NOIRLab/Gemini)

2023 AAS Splinter Session: The Role of Gemini Observations in the Era of JWST

SOC: Letizia Stanghellini (Chair, NSF's NOIRLab/CSDC), Vinicius Placco (NSF's NOIRLab/CSDC), Janice Lee (NSF's NOIRLab/Gemini)

2022 AAS Splinter Session on Stars and the ISM with Gemini’s Fast Turnaround (FT) observations

SOC: Letizia Stanghellini, Vinicius Placco, Janice Lee (NSF's NOIRLab)

The AAS #239 Meeting was cancelled due to the pandemic.

2021 AAS Splinter Session on Extragalactic Astronomy with Gemini Large and Long Programs (LLPs)

2020 AAS Splinter Session on Planets, exoplanets, and planet formation with Gemini Large and Long Programs (LLPs)

2019 AAS Mini-workshop on The Resurgence of High-Resolution Spectroscopy at Gemini

2018 AAS Mini-workshop on Target of Opportunity Observing in the LSST Era

2017 AAS Mini-workshop on Mining Data Archives

2016 AAS Mini-workshop on AO data reduction

2015 AAS Mini-workshop on IR data reduction


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