Flamingos 2

Instrument Modes:

Flamingos 2 (F2) is a near-IR (0.95 – 2.4 micron) wide field imager and multi-object spectrometer. F2 is intended to work with natural seeing as well as the GEMS AO system. Upgrade paths include use with a tunable dual-etalon filter. To date F2 has been mainly used as an imager and single object spectrograph.

Instrument design and use:

Documentation is provided on the Gemini F2 web page.  Extensively rebuilt by Gemini, the primary instrument reference document remains Eikenberry, S., Elston, R., Raines, S.N. et al. 2004, SPIE, 5492, 1196  F2 is also discussed in Eikenberry, S., Elston, R., Raines, S.N. et al. 2006, SPIE, 6269

Data reduction:

As for other instruments the Gemini Data-and-Results/Getting-Started web pages include a page on data reduction basics.  Test data sets are available under the Data Format link on the F2 instrument page.

Basic IRAF information can be found through the help package: “help f2”, “f2info”.  An example is on the IRAFdoc section of the Gemini web pages.  This is also linked through the Data Format section on the F2 page.  This same page provides information on the MEF format of the data. Note that the F2 images contain an error in the header that the user must fix using a patch provided.  The detector is discussed on the F2 pages under imaging and then Detector Characteristics.

A report on F2 including data reduction was given by Hibon et al. in the 2011 South American Gemini Data Reduction Workshop. An overview of the F2 data can be found in a presentation given by P. Gomez at the 2014 Guaruja meeting.  A second presentation by Gomez given at the same meeting presents an overview of the data reduction.


The IRAF F2 package contains information on imaging mode: f2infoimaging.   More information is available in the Gemini IRAF/PyRAF package by typing f2examples imaging.

Spectroscopic mode:

The Gemini web site provides lists of near-IR lines for wavelength calibration.

The basic IRAF references are in the longslit: f2infols package.  Reduction examples can be found in f2examples longslit.

MOS mode:

IRAF references are in f2infomos.  F2 MOS reduction examples are also provided.


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