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Reminder! Gemini Observatory Strategic Plan Survey

February 12, 2024

Please fill out the Gemini Observatory Strategic Plan survey by 15 February!

We would like to request your participation in a survey regarding the International Gemini Observatory’s strategic plan for the coming decade. This survey is intended for any member of the astronomical community, including students and scientists at all career stages, and both frequent Gemini users and those who have never used Gemini.

The upcoming formulation of Gemini’s Strategic Vision will require us to plan for the 2030s and anticipate the needs of our community in the next decade. This process is a chance to set a path for building the capabilities, priorities, and community of Gemini in the next decade and beyond. 

The questions are designed to solicit your opinions on Gemini’s role in overlapping or complementary science with upcoming facilities, the next big instrumentation project(s) that Gemini should undertake, other areas of potential Gemini infrastructure development (data reduction, scheduling, proposals, etc.), how Gemini can better engage with its user community, and how it can better serve diverse and under-represented communities — including both astronomers and the general public. General comments are also greatly appreciated.

The survey (linked here) will be open until 15 February 2024. Thank you very much for your feedback!

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