sci23067 — Announcement

Gemini South Back On Sky

December 11, 2023

Gemini South is back on the sky and accepting Rapid and Standard Targets of Opportunity (ToOs) via the usual OT and URL trigger methods as well as both Director’s Discretionary time (DD) and Poor Weather (PW) proposals. You can download the Phase I (proposal) tool from the Phase 1 Tool page. Please note that DD time will be limited because of the loss of the first half of the 23B semester.

GMOS-S is currently undergoing the completion of the intervention to replace two of the three CCDs. It is expected to be back on sky for recommissioning in mid-December. Although it will be available for science shortly after that (perhaps late December or early January), updated data reduction software is not expected to be available until mid-2024. This means that, until GMOS-S is operational, the current instruments available in normal queue (outside the block scheduled GSAOI and GHOST) are Flamingos 2 and IGRINS

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The Magellanic Clouds over Gemini South

Credit: International Gemini Observatory/NOIRLab/AURA/NSF/M. Paredes