sci22048 — Announcement

GeMS Operation from Base Facility

May 27, 2022

On 11 April 2022 Gemini South was able to successfully operate its first GeMS run remotely from the La Serena control room, simplifying logistics and coordination. All this was possible thanks to the hard work of a team formed from several NOIRLab groups: Science Operations, Software, Engineering and Adaptive Optics. The main goal of the project "GeMS under Base facility Operations” (BFO) was to safely operate in case of natural events or failures of power and network, so the system will protect itself automatically by safely controlling laser guide star loops and safely shuttering the laser. After seven nights of testing, we can confirm that laser runs can be done from Gemini South Base Facility. We expect in the near future to have the flexibility to train more people and also be able to schedule it more regularly. Thanks again to the GeMS under BFO team!

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