sci22045 — Announcement

Seeking Testers to Run Gemini IRAF Remotely

May 27, 2022

With the advent of modern Mac operating systems and new chip architecture that only run 64-bit applications, we have put some effort into providing virtual machine images that run the 32-bit Gemini IRAF and other AstroConda installed tools. A VM image for Mac intel machines has been available since early 2020, and we are working on one for the new M1 Mac. In the meantime, and to help students who may not have access to computing resources, we have made Gemini IRAF available by request via a server at Gemini running remote desktop software. We are seeking testers to gauge both demand and the viability of this solution in practical usage. Please contact Joanna Thomas-Osip if you would like to participate in this evaluation.

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