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September 7, 2021

New Data Analyst in Tucson

Name: Brian Merino

Position: Data Analyst

Location: Tucson, Arizona (I am temporarily working remotely from Rodeo, California)

Responsibilities in new role: My new role has a lot of involvement with the National Gemini Office. I will be tasked with the modernization and integration of DRAGONS into the GMOS cookbooks, supporting TAC panels, and working with the help desk. 

Past experience: Right before joining NOIRLab, I was a Master's student at San Francisco State University (SFSU) where I was working as a graduate teaching associate teaching ASTR 116 (astronomy lab for non-majors), PHYS 222 (Physics with calculus I lab), and ASTR 340 GWAR (Big Bang Cosmology). In addition to teaching, I was also using archived imaging data from the Hubble Space Telescope to investigate whether or not star-forming regions in gravitationally lensed galaxies at redshifts 0.3 < z < 1.2 have been evolving with redshift. During my undergraduate studies (also at SFSU) I worked on a project that combined X-ray data from Chandra and imaging data from Hubble to locate cataclysmic variables in globular clusters.

Research interests: My main research interests include star formation, gravitational lensing, and galaxy clusters but I am also interested in globular clusters and cataclysmic variables. Lately, my work has involved a lot of photometry and spectrometry. I created a suite of codes in Python that is capable of performing aperture photometry in crowded fields and subtracting off intracluster light. In addition to this, I have been utilizing archived MUSE data cubes and the LDSS3 and FIRE spectrographs on the twin Magellan telescopes to obtain the spectra of my clumpy galaxies so that I can determine their spectroscopic redshifts and metallicities.

Fun fact: During my last in-person observation run in Chile (back in 2019), I was taking some long-exposure shots of the Large Magellanic Cloud and a goat ate my GoPro during a 20-minute exposure!

New Science Fellow at Gemini South

Name: Regis Cartier 
Position: Science Fellow
Location: Chile
Past Experience: Observing with large telescopes (such as Blanco, SOAR, VLT, NTT), and the data reduction of optical and NIR spectroscopy and photometry.
Research Interests: The use of SNe Ia as distance indicators, employing nearby SNe Ia to measure the Hubble constant as well as placing constraints on the SN progenitors by using very early observations.
Fun Fact: In my free time I enjoy running, playing basketball and football, cooking and making bread.

New Executive Assistant in Tucson

Name: Anne Jordan
Position: Executive Assistant
Location: Arizona
Responsibilities in new role: Provide support to Gemini Directorate in Tucson, lead logistical support of Gemini Governance Committees, lead logistical organization of Gemini Science Meetings.
Past Experience: 6 years experience as an Executive Assistant
Fun Fact: I have one very silly cat and enjoy spending my personal time bouldering and studying wine.

New Executive Assistant at Gemini North

Name: Ally Tapia
Position: Executive Assistant
Location: Hawai‘i
Responsibilities in new role: Provide support to the Gemini Directorate in Hawai‘i, facilitate logistical support of Gemini Governance Committees.
Past Experience: I worked at the Gemini South telescope as part of the day crew on Cerro Pachón.
Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling, spending time in the garden, and taking the dogs on walks.

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