Hydra Meeting - August 23, 2004

Here is a quick summary of the topics discussed at the Hydra meeting on August 23, 2004, and the conclusions we reached:

1. Motorizing the bench camera focus

There are two basic solutions. One is to buy a motor and external encoder and use the existing, now-defunct SMC connection for the shutter operation to operate the motor. May be a significant mechanical design effort, however. The second is to replace the existing manual micrometer with a motorized version. This is mechanically easy, but communication with the SMC requires study.

--> Andres, Manuel, Enrique, Javier, Ricardo, Rodolfo will study the problem


2. Plans for the pellicle

Need to ensure that the pellicle may be replaced without damage.

--> Ricardo and Andres will discuss


3. Z-limit switch issues

Several apparent z-limit switch failures even after redesign and installation by Andres.

--> Javier and Enrique will try to reproduce the problem on the next turno, and write a proposal for a solution


4. What spare parts do we need?

--> send Knut any items you can think of


5. GNATS 457+500+503, 499+502, 320

The first three refer to the z-axis failures referred to above.

The next two refer to failure of the guider, the solution of which was reported in #502. But we need either spare VME cards, or perhaps Rolando's software patch.

--> Enrique and Javier will discuss with Rolando

The last (320) refers to the broken echelle filter #6.

--> Knut will discuss finding a replacement with Roberto


6. Hydra autofocus

Exists, but doesn't work. Why?

--> Knut will look into it.

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