MONSOON is a architecture that allows scalable detector controllers to be built. There are three versions of the MONSOON architecture currently in use:

The original version, called MONSOON Orange, is used on a variety of CCD and near infrared detector equipped instruments at the NOIRLab observatories. This version is expandable to meet the requirements of very large focal planes using arrays of detectors. An Orange controller is built using a standard PCI bus card cage and backplane and then populating the bus from selected MONSOON Orange modules to achieve the requirements of the instrument detector. Multiple card cages can be synchronized to an external clock source and the electrical interface to the detector customized using backplane 'Transition' cards. This link provides a data sheet with the technical specifications of the Orange Controller.

The second version of the controller technology was developed completely in house by Fermilab to support the Dark Energy Camera project. This controller is based on the Orange variant and adapted by Fermilab to provide more channel density to accommodate the requirements of supporting seventy seven detectors in the focal plane. The CCD detector technology used in the DECam focal plane is P-Channel deep depletion devices from LBNL.

The third version of the controller, called MONSOON Torrent, is a compact eight video channel CCD detector controller designed for smaller focal planes which offers a complete solution to controlling CCD detectors, including detector temperature control and detector back side bias power. This link provides a data sheet with the technical specifications of the Torrent Controller.

This link provides an overall view of applications to which the MONSOON image acquisition system is being used.

This link gives a basic introduction to the technology of MONSOON systems

Updated on May 6, 2021, 7:44 pm