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Gemini South Maintenance Shutdown Completed

September 12, 2022

From 1 to 25 August 2022 Gemini South was shut down for maintenance. The original plan was to carry out Acquisition and Guiding System (A&G) maintenance and recoat the primary mirror (M1), but because of problems we encountered with some inconsistent final coating tests, most likely due to the low temperatures at the summit, M1 coating was postponed to FY23. A&G maintenance ran according to the program.

In the first two weeks the focus was on corrective maintenance to solve several outstanding electronics and mechanical problems and whose resolution required access to A&G sub-systems. 

Another important task completed during the second week was putting into operation a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with modular technology, to feed the Data Center in a dedicated base. This replaced the old configuration, where a UPS fed both the Data Center and other electrical systems in the telescope. With this new UPS, we will improve the reliability of the overall telescope electrical power layout and supply. In addition, maintenance of the telescope’s main power switch gear was completed.

The last two weeks of the shutdown were dedicated to A&G mechanical, electrical, and optical preventive maintenance and instrument preparation and cooling prior to resuming operations on the night of 25 August.

The A&G annual maintenance shutdown is a key activity of our telescope maintenance program and is what allows us to keep this crucial telescope system running with a low failure rate.

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