Workshop on Scientific Requirements for Mitigation of Hazardous Comets and Asteroids

September 3-September 7, 2002

Hyatt in Arlington, Virginia

Manuscript Submission

November 2004: Manuscript has been published and is available from Cambridge University Press.

Status of the arrangements for the publication of the proceedings of the NASA Workshop on the Scientific Requirements for Mitigation of Hazardous Comets and Asteroids.

  1. We have agreement with Cambridge University Press (CUP) to publish the proceedings of the workshop with the following general characteristics: 250,000 words and 50 black & white illustrations. The final and complete MS should be received by CUP in March, 2003. A contract is currently under review by the editors who are: Mike Belton, Don Yeomans, and Tom Morgan.

  2. The following invitees have agreed, in principle, to write a chapter (perhaps with co- authors) for the book:

    A.W. Harris (DLR)
    D. Morrison
    C. Chapman
    W. Kofman
    W. Huebner & J. Walker
    S. Chesley & T. Spahr
    E. Asphaug
    M. Belton
    C. Gritzner & R. Kahle
    A.W. Harris (JPL)*
    D. Scheeres
    S. Ostro & J. Giorgini
    H. Yano
    B. Conway

    *but not yet totally decided

  3. The schedule for delivery of manuscripts is still fluid but looks something like the following: Receipt of chapter outlines with titles, authors names, estimate of length and illustrations—by September 27, 2002; Delivery of completed chapter manuscripts to the editors—by 31 December, 2002; Completion of peer review—by 1 February, 2002, Delivery to CUP—by 31 March, 2003

  4. The CUP editor is Jacqueline Garget

  5. The title of the book is still fluid but "Mitigation of Impacts by Hazardous Asteroids and Comets" is still the favorite.

  6. The editors will accept manuscripts in .pdf, .doc, or .txt formats. The submission format is still TBD

  7. An example of the reference style is as follows:

    Golden, M.H.N, (1994). Is complete catch-up growth possible for stunted children? European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 48 (Suppll.1), S58-S71

This page will be updated with additional information when available