Workshop on Scientific Requirements for Mitigation of Hazardous Comets and Asteroids

September 3-September 7, 2002

Hyatt in Arlington, Virginia

Workshop Format

The workshop will consist of Invited Oral presentations and contributed poster presentations with the primary theme of:

"Scientific Requirements for Mitigation of Hazardous Comets and Asteroids"

as described in the workshop homepage. This topic addresses what we need to find out about possible impactors and how well we need to know it. All invited talks will focus on this topic.

Related themes suitable for posters may also include:

  • Mitigation scenarios and strategies
  • Mission concepts and proposals
  • Effects of impacts on earth
  • Human exploration and resource extraction

We expect that the workshop environment and the ample time allocated for posters will facilitate effective discussion of subject matter presented in the posters. We invite participants to contribute poster presentations falling under any of the above themes.

An overhead projector will be available to facilitate discussion among all participants during the extended question and answer periods between the talks. In addition, we will also provide an LCD (computer video output) projector. The approximate space allocated per poster is 3.5 feet (width) by 4 feet (height).

Poster space is limited to ~40 presentations, so the Scientific Organizing Committee will confirm acceptance of your abstract shortly after its submittal.