Workshop Agenda

NOAO Community Needs for Science in the 2020s
Tucson, AZ, 20-21 February 2018

Download a PDF version of the Schedule.

February 20: Science!

Video Stream of Morning Session
8:30 Welcome (David Silva, NOAO)
8:35 Introduction: Workshop Goals and Deliverables [7.8 MB PDF] (Joan Najita, NOAO)
  Science Overview Talks (Bob Blum, chair) (15 min + 5 min)
8:50 Science with LSST [26.9 MB PDF] (Keith Bechtol, LSST)
9:10 JWST Science in the 2020s [42.3 MB PDF] (Jen Lotz, STScI)
9:30 Exoplanet Science in the 2020s [3.6 MB PDF] (Courtney Dressing, UCB)
9:50 High Angular Resolution Universe [6.4 MB PDF] (Gail Schaefer, CHARA)
10:10-10:30 BREAK
10:30 Era of Bright (Star) Astronomy [2.5 MB PDF] (Jim Fuller, Caltech)
10:50 Galaxy Evolution and Stellar Pops [9.4 MB PDF] (David Nidever, MSU/NOAO)
11:10 Time Domain and Near-field Cosmology in 2020s [35.5 MB PDF] (David Sand, UA)
11:30 SDSS-V: Pioneering Panoptic Spectroscopy [7.4 MB PDF] (Juna Kollmeier, Carnegie)
11:50-1:00 LUNCH @ venue
1:00 Science with GSMTs [1.2 MB PDF] (Megan Donahue, MSU)
1:20 Maximizing Science Return from Large Surveys [1.3 MB PDF] (Chad Schafer, CMU)
1:40 Solar System Science in the Next Decade [976 KB PDF] (Henry Hsieh, PSI)
  Breakout Sessions on Science Themes:
  • Broader discussion, identify common issues and resource needs
  • Assemble resource wish list for NOAO
2:00-3:15 Bright Universe (Michelle Creech-Eakman + Ken Hinkle + Jayadev Rajagopal, chairs)
  Faint Universe (Christy Tremonti + Mark Dickinson, chairs)
3:15-3:30 BREAK
3:30-5:00 Science with Large Samples [132 KB PDF] (Melissa Graham + Knut Olsen, chairs)
  Time Domain Science (David Ciardi + Tom Matheson, chairs)

February 21: Implementation!

  Plenary (Letizia Stanghellini, chair)
Video Stream of Morning Session [NOTE: there are some sound problems]
8:30 Overview of today’s activities (Joan Najita, NOAO)
  Wish Lists from Breakout Groups (10 min + 5 min)
8:40 Bright Universe [3.5 MB PDF] (Michelle Creech-Eakman + Ken Hinkle + Jayadev Rajagopal)
8:55 Faint Universe [80 KB PDF] (Christy Tremonti + Mark Dickinson)
9:10 Science with Large Samples [132 KB PDF] (Melissa Graham + Knut Olsen)
9:25 Time Domain Science [12.5 MB PDF] (David Ciardi + Tom Matheson)
9:40 TBD Breakout
  Current Implementation Plans and Possibilities (12 min + 3 min)
9:55 Gemini Observatory plans [3.2 MB PDF] (Bryan Miller, Gemini)
10:10-10:30 BREAK
10:30 KPNO/CTIO + Time Domain Follow up [1.4 MB PDF] (Lori Allen, NOAO)
10:45 NOAO Data Group [14.7 MB PDF] (Adam Bolton, NOAO)
11:00 Wide-aperture Exoplanet Telescope [16.7 MB PDF] (Ben Monreal, Case Western)
11:15 Wide-field Spectroscopy Concepts [3.7 MB PDF] (Jeff Newman, U. Pitt)
11:30 GSMTs [16.9 MB PDF] (Mark Dickinson, NOAO)
Noon-1:00 LUNCH @ venue
Noon-2:30 Breakout Sessions: Capabilities in Need of Development
Video Stream of Afternoon Session [NOTE: there are some sound problems]
  GSMTs (Jen Lotz + Bob Blum, chairs)
  Wide-field Spectroscopy (Christy Tremonti + Arjun Dey, chairs)
  High Angular Resolution Science
  Plenary: Reports of Breakout Groups + NOAO Response
2:30-3:30 Reports: GSMTs, Wide-field Spectroscopy
3:30 Response from NOAO Director (David Silva, NOAO)
3:45-4:30 Breakout Sessions:
Write reports on needed capabilities and recommendations to NOAO and/or sketch out community-led white papers
4:30 Adjourn