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IRAF Phoenix Data Reduction Exercise

February 16, 2021

To Phoenix Users:

An IRAF exercise, complete with data, is available for previewing the
steps in IRAF for Phoenix data reductions. The exercise was developed
under IRAF Version 2.11. If you are not familiar with IRAF you may also
want to look at another exercise package in the FTP archives
described in the iraf/misc/exer211.readme file - in particular you may wish
to start with the "intro" exercise in this series. There is also an
"IRAF Beginner's Guide" in the pub/ file.

The Phoenix exercise is available from the IRAF FTP archive as a compressed
tar file. The exercise assumes that you have unpacked this file in your IRAF
login directory.

% ftp (
ftp> log in as anonymous
ftp> use your email address as the password
ftp> cd iraf/misc
ftp> binary
ftp> get phoenix.tar.Z
ftp> quit
% zcat phoenix.tar.Z | tar -xf -

The exercise instructions are in the file The exercise assumes
one is using xgterm and ximtool. The phx.eps file contains a chart of the
spectral lines used for the wavelength solution.

Please direct any questions or concerns to

Jeannette Barnes

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