Science Announcements

2008B Observing Tool released

12 June 2008

The 2008B Observing Tool to support remaining 2008A observations and the start of semester 2008B is now available.

Observing databases offline

9 June 2008

Starting on Tuesday, June 10 the Gemini Observatory observing databases will be upgraded in preparation for semester 2008B and so will not be accessible

Gemini North currently accepting poor weather proposals

1 May 2008

Gemini North welcomes poor weather proposals . Note that reliable guiding with the peripheral wave-front sensor (P2) at the optimum frequency requires a star

Reorganization of instrument web pages

30 April 2008

Instrument Web Pages Reorganized

Gemini Opportunity Survey Results

30 April 2008

In the last issue of Currents, we asked readers to respond to a survey regarding the potential opportunity for increased US participation in

Toward Public-Private GSMT Partnerships

30 April 2008

The Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) and the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) projects have recently released letters reiterating their interest in federal participation in the

The Gemini Opportunity—An Update

31 March 2008

Despite the fact that the UK has announced that they will remain in the Gemini partnership, it is likely that over the next few

Questions for David Silva, Incoming NOAO Director

31 March 2008

David Silva was named the new NOAO Director in an announcement made by AURA on March 25. He will begin a five-year term on