Science Announcements

2009A call for proposals announced

9 December 2008

Gemini is happy to announce that it is accepting proposals for observing time in semester 2009A. The proposal deadline is September 30, 2008. A

2009A PIT released

7 December 2008

The Phase I Tool (PIT) for semester 2009A observing proposals has been released. This should also be used for poor weather and director's time

Observing databases offline for 09A update

7 December 2008

Starting on Tuesday, December 9 the Gemini Observatory observing databases will be upgraded in preparation for semester 2009A and will not be accessible by

Mauna Kea Weather Center's Symposium on Seeing

3 December 2008

There have been increased efforts in recent years to observe and quantify the effects of atmospheric turbulence and refractivity gradients on telescope image stability

Honoring Nod-and-Shuffle

3 December 2008

R. S. Fisher, K. Roth May 28, 2008 The creators of an innovative observing technique called “Nod and Shuffle” will be honored with The

Update from NOAO Director David Silva

30 November 2008

The annual NOAO Town Hall will be held on Tuesday, 6 January 2009, from 12:45 to 1:45, at the Long Beach AAS meeting. We

Director's Message November 2008

30 October 2008

Figure 1. The first step in the formulation of Gemini's new Energy Policy is through the new "Green Blog" on Gemini's internal web site

2008 Dutch Christiaan Huygens Science Award to Dr. Mariska Kriek

14 October 2008

Image Caption: Mariska Kriek works outside on Mauna Kea while in Hawaii for an observing run at Gemini. Astronomer Dr. Mariska Kriek has been