REU & PIA Programs

The 2015 REU and PIA Students in front of the 4-m Blanco Telescope at CTIO  

NSF NOIRLab's REU Chile Program

We are currently offering a new REU Chile program. Please see here for more information.

Information about older programs can be found below:

CTIO PIA Program 

Current and Past REU/PIA Programs


CTIO REU & PIA Programs Publication List


Past KPNO REU Programs (1999-2014)

The KPNO REU program provided an exceptional opportunity for undergraduates considering a career in science to engage in substantive research activities with scientists working in the forefront of contemporary astrophysics. Each REU student was hired as a full-time research assistant to work on specific aspects of major ongoing research projects such as the origin, nature, and evolution of stars, galaxies and stellar systems, observational cosmology, analysis of Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope images, and Kepler Mission light curves. As part of their research activities, REU students developed expertise in astronomical data reduction and analysis.

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