Monday, June 18

Session Chair: David Spergel
9:00 Tim de Zeeuw: Introduction
9:30 Rachel Somerville: M31 and Galaxy Formation
M31 and the Local Group
10:00 Krzysztof Stanek: The Distance to M31
10:30 Break
11:00 N. Wyn Evans: The Mass of M31
11:30 Roeland van der Marel: The Proper Motion of M31
12:00 John Dubinski: The Local Group: Then, Now, Forever and Always
12:15 Lunch
Session Chair: Puragra Guhathakurta
The Stellar Content of M31
2:00 Jeremy Goodman: Martin Schwarzschild and the Structure and Evolution of Stars
2:30 Julianne Dalcanton: The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT)
3:00 Pauline Barmby: M31 in the Mid-Infrared
3:15 Jeremy Mould: The M31 Bulge
3:45 Break
4:15 Luciani Bianchi: Young Stars in M31
4:45 Mansi Kasliwal: Classical Novae in Andromeda
5:00 Tom Brown: The Star-Formation and the Chemical Enrichment History of M31
5:30 Nelson Caldwell: The MMT/Hectospec M31 Survey

Tuesday, June 19

Session Chair: Scott Tremaine
The M31 Nucleus & Black Hole
8:45 Blair Savage: Martin Schwarzschild and the Stratoscope Project
9:15 Tod Lauer: The Structure of the M31 Nucleus
9:45 John Magorrian: The M31 Black Hole and the Dynamics of the Nucleus
10:15 Break
10:45 Michael Garcia: The M31 Supermassive Black Hole - A resolved accretion flow and a Quiescent(?) AGN
The Gas and Dust Content of M31
11:15 Karin Sandstrom: Herschel Studies of the Interstellar Medium of M31
11:45 Jacopo Fritz: The Herschel Exploitation of Local Galaxy Andromeda: Infrared morphology at large scales
12:00 Andreas Schruba: Molecular Cloud Census in M31
12:15 Lunch
Session Chair: Julianne Dalcanton
2:00 Robert Braun: HI Surveys of M31
The Halo of M31
2:30 Tim de Zeeuw: Martin Schwarzschild and the Method for Constructing Galaxy Models
3:00 Marla Geha: The Satellites of M31
3:30 Break
4:00 Rachael Beaton: A Homogeneous Photometric Characterization of 16 M31 dSphs
4:15 Jean Brodie: The M31 Globular Cluster System
4:45 Janet Colucci: The Detailed Chemical Abundance Patterns of M31 Globular Clusters
5:00 Puragra Guhathakurta: M31 and the Deathly Halos: Results from the SPLASH (Spectroscopic and Photometric Landscape of Andromeda's Stellar Halo) Survey
7:00 Dinner at the Hopewell Valley Vineyard

Wednesday, June 20

Session Chair: Tim de Zeeuw
9:00 Nicolas Martin: The Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey (PAndAS)
9:30 Kathryn Johnston: Tidal Streams in the M31 Halo
10:00 Karoline Gilbert: Stellar Halo Formation in a Hierarchical Universe: Lessons from Andromeda
10:15 Break
10:45 Arlin Crotts: Microlensing and the Halo of M31
11:15 David Spergel: Conference Summary