2006 KPNO REU Students

Casey Coffey (Westminster College)
“Maximizing Observations in the LSST Cadence Simulator and Uncovering Its Abilities”
 Advisors: Michelle Miller & Abi Saha

Nora DeMuth (El Camino Community College)
“The Sun Inside and Out: Supporting Education and Public Appreciation of Solar Research”
 Advisor: Connie Walker

Robert Nowicki (Susquehanna University)
“Analyzing the Focus Sensor Images for ODI at WIYN”
 Advisor: Daniel Harbeck

Julie Skinner (University of Oklahoma)
“VLT Spectra of 4 Cataclysmic Variable Stars”
 Advisor: Steve Howell

Myra Stone (University of Georgia)
“WIYN Tip-Tilt Module Observations of the Old Open Cluster NGC 1193”
 Advisors: Chuck Claver & Ken Mighell

Shaye Storm (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Time Variability of Component C of the Fragmented Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3”
 Advisors: Nalin Samarasinha & Bea Mueller

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